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I have a passion for three things in my life....travel, my family, and digital media.   I take advantage of the opportunity for a road trip to explore America, or to jet off to foreign lands with my family at every chance I get, and I am lucky enough to have had a role in the digital revolution .   I have had the priviledge to work with some amazing companies; from being a part of the launch of Saturn Automotive with advertising legend Hal Riney & Partners, to selling the first online banner ads at Hotwired (Wired Digital), to making B2B sexy for small and mid-sized B2B marketers while at Market Creation Group.

I began my career in digital media at the very beginning, back in the mid 1990's as a part of the internet boom in Silicon Valley.  I worked with industry legends such as Hotwired (Wired Digital), Excite.com, and Netcentives creating digital marketing strategies, and laying the groundwork for today's digital landscape.  I loved the instant gratification and plethora of data that is available instantaneously in digital marketing, and still do.  In 2002,  I moved with my young family from California to the Denver area.  The move to Colorado offered me the opportunity to meet my future business partner, and start my first true entreprenuerial venture.  In 2003, Peakuniques.com was born.  The concept behind the business was to create a trendy online boutique that empowered mom entreprenuers by providing them with a platform to sell their goods.  We had some tremendous successes, and ran the business for over three years. Two women owned businesses who began with us, Energy Muse jewelry and JP Lizzy handbags, are still thriving today.  While we always ran the business at a small profit, we did get to the point where, in order to grow, we would need outside investment. It wasn't a step either my business partner or I was willing to take at that time, so we both accepted other offers and decided to close the business.   At that point I entered back into the agency world, and have spent the past seven years working with agencies developing digital strategies for their clients who were looking for ways to connect with customers online, sell more products and generate more leads.   One of the more recent companies that I worked with is software company, Brandwise, overseeing a complete brand re-fresh and the launch of a stellar new website,  www.brandwise.com .   Other notable accomplishments over the past few years include leading all digital marketing efforts for the the launch of the successful social networking site for people with disabilities, Disaboom, as well as all digital marketing efforts for the Tulalip Resort and Casino that regularly yielded sold out events and hotel rooms.  

I approach my personal life in the same way I approach my professional life - with enthusiasm and energy.    I mentally and physically renew and refresh a couple of times a week with a hot yoga class, lap swimming or a nice hike.  I've been skiing all my life, and even spent a little time as a ski bum in Aspen, so you can find me with my family at a Colorado ski resort on most winter weekends.   I'm a foodie looking for that great farm fresh restaurant find that isn't on the hot list yet, or the small local theatre doing great things on a small budget I've become a bit of a baseball geek over the last few years, and have started on a quest to visit every major league baseball park in America.  Which brings us full circle, back to travel.  In my next life I want to be a photo journalist who gets paid bundles to travel the world to exotic locations photographing and journaling the experience.
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